Bayesian Thinking

Nice R Interface


This week I’m introducing R to two different classes, one is a probability class to secondary-ed math majors and the second is a Bayesian course. Recently I learned about a nice R interface called RStudio.

I’ve included a screenshot below (you first install R and then RStudio and then launch the RStudio application).

What’s so special about RStudio?

1.  RStudio partitions the screen into four sections.  The bottom left is the Console window, the top left window shows R scripts, the top right window shows all the workspace variables, and the bottom right displays the help output and any plots.  I like that you can see all parts of R at once.

2.  It has a nice interface for importing data.  One clicks on an Import Dataset button and it steps the user through the process of reading in datasets from a file or from a web location.

3.  It is user friendly when one types in commands.  It automatically completes left parentheses and brackets.  Also it has a nice Code Completion — when you hit the tab key it will give you different options for completing the typing.  Also it gives you a glimpse into the arguments of the particular function typed.

I’m sure there are more nice features.  But I found RStudio easy to use and I’ve been using it all of the time the past few months.