Bayesian Thinking

Help with LearnBayes?


We starting to get into the computational part of my Bayesian class, so I thought it would be helpful to point out some of the ways to get help in the special R functions in LearnBayes.

Using R scripts from my website

In the folder  I show the R scripts for all of the examples in the 2nd edition of the book.  You can copy and paste these scripts directly into the R console.  Or you can use the source command to bring these examples into R.  Here is an example where I illustrate the multinomial example from Chapter 4.


Using the R demo function:

Also, all of the R scripts in the examples are available as part of the LearnBayes package.

Once you have loaded in the LearnBayes package, you can see a listing of all of these examples by typing


If I want to run the multinomial demo from Chapter 4, section 3, type


You may get some error messages if  you run these demos on a Macintosh.   I use special R Windows functions so you get to pause the graphical output.  I suspect there are better ways of writing these demos to adapt to the particular environment (Mac or Windows), but I haven’t figured it out yet.